Hello there! Welcome to my blood texts. I did as Papa Hemingway said; I sat at my typewriter and bled, gushed, hemorrhaged until coagulation occurred and the scab formed over scar tissue mending, reforming cells from old wounds long untreated.

Here you will find many things but primarily a collection that has become my creative baby after a gestation period, a hibernation, an incubation, a time of regrowth and resetting my internal self. I wrote to alleviate the pains that comes with such transformation, and have continued to write poems and essays upon remembering I have a voice and something to say.

Some texts are from my college years and first published here. I’ve also accumulated quotes, passages, and anecdotes from my inspirations and will sprinkle them where necessary.

So here we are. Here they are; these are my blood texts, my oaths, my scars, my truths, my fresh skin, my magic words,

Abracadabra : )