the process: part deux; draft deux

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Sometimes the process is writing a poem, letting it marinate, letting yourself sit with the poem and returning to it months later with a fresh perspective and detachment. it helps with the editing of one’s work (sometimes we got to cut some parts) and rewriting, or making the choice to not rewrite (sometimes some lines are perfect from the moment they are laid on the page).

This is a poem I wrote in September in the mountains of northern Idaho in a tiny ski town called Kellogg. It was only 45 minutes from my home but it felt like a world away. And itched my always dormant travel bug, waiting to leave, run, drive, fly away from where ever I may be. I stayed at the resort of the mountain during the off season, and of course, got chills of the Shining and possibly from Kubrick himself.

This is an edit of the first draft, to be rewritten and edited again. Enjoy. Feel free to let me know what you think : )

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