tea Tuesday

I guess tea is something the kids are serving up these days…good thing I love tea. The joy of being a writer is getting to use the tiny nuances you pick up from the people you meet to fill out a character in a story. Or be so inspired and filled emotion after an interaction with another that the only thing to do is write a poem or prose about it. To all the narcissistic Peter Pans I’ve tried to love, I am writing about you. And I hope you enjoy looking at yourself in this mirror as much as you enjoyed how you looked in my eyes.

Too bad that is probably the best you’ll look.

#teatuesday #writerswriteaboutwhotheydate #writerswriteabouteveryone #writerswriteaboutyou #youllendupinapoem #downwiththepatriarchy #peterpanwillneverleaveneverland #burnthatfuckertotheground #burningneverland

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