the process: continued; dreams to be edited

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I’ve never been that good at rhyming but I don’t think poems need to rhyme; they just need a rhythm. Prose can get away without having rhythm but poetry has to have a beat.

Still finding the beat with this one but I know it’ll be there once I sit at the typewriter. I wanted post draft one, nonetheless, as I find the original honest and true and worthy of sharing. It’s the time of year to be reflective, reminiscent and thankful for ancestors and loved ones; those we’ve lost who taught us right and wrong, those we can still hug and hold, those with whom we can create new memories with by sharing the lessons from those gone. This forming poem is one of the many impressions left from my father, and his enduring protection over me through all the lessons he taught me.

I’m glad to say my brother worked his magic on my computer, and it is up and running once again! Hooray!

#family #blessed #alwaysthankful #gratitude #brother #mytribe #diversified-specialties #happyyule #yuletidecheer #wintersoltice #pagenways #heathen #vikingroots #honoryourancestors

As you are visiting your loved ones this holiday season, make sure to travel safe, pack light, and love hard on your tribe. And remember you are blessed to have found yours.

Happy Yule, y’all! And to Yule all, a goodnight! : )

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