strange times in the 509

Finnegan’s Way,
proof reader, fetcher, barker

Welp, my city, Spokane WA is all but locked down due to covid-19 and being stuck at home all day most days sucks. But this fur ball makes it easier. He helps the process of processing this trauma we as a society are experiencing collectively and my personal, individual traumas I’ve been lugging around in my baggage for years.

He helps me slow down and sort it through, and provides cuddles and kisses when necessary. Being his mom makes my life better in so many ways. Even the mundane things like refilling his water bowl bring me more calm, sense of peace, the subsequent joy and fulfillment is an emotion I never knew possible.

Yes, he digs up the yard sometimes and barks at the birds who won’t play with him in the morning but he learns every day and loves harder than any other being I’ve met in this life so all in all he is a wonderful puppy.

I hope you and yours are doing well during this strange times, and you have a furry companion to keep you company, inspire your work, and remind yourself to give love unconditionally…to yourself, to your pup, and to others. Even if that means staying home and six feet away from each other.

Take care, y’all. Namaste

the sun also rises

“isn’t it pretty to think so?

The last six weeks have been difficult creatively, stifling. I’ve felt blocked from producing and connecting with certain feelings— I’ve avoided pain and old wounds, long festering under bandages to keep hidden until fully healed.

This line from the #thesunalsorises has rattled around my brain for nearly two decades, and everytime it comes up again I find some thing new in the short question. This time it is melancholic and brings a certain sadness because I know some things can only be written, exist only on paper, and not in real life. That some things have to die in order to being about new life.

So here’s to new life! And the sacrifices that had to be made to get there. Skol!